Chrysalis -- Assigning "{" to Layer 0 and "}" to Layer 0+SHIFT

What I’d like to do: change “pgup” key (second from the bottom on far left of the Model 01) to be “{” in Layer 0 default, and “}” when I hold shift. This, however, isn’t obvious in Chrysalis at the moment (the closest I’ve been able to get is “[” regular and “{” when shifted), what am I missing?

You could change the layer 0 default to shift plus [ for the open curly brackets, and then make function (layer 2) definition to shift plus ] which will give you the close curly brackets.

Thank you for the suggestion :). I thought of this, but one of the primary reasons I want to move braces to “pgup” is to keep them exclusively in layer 0 so I don’t have to hit function for them.

I find that the function key exacerbates my ulnar nerve issues more than I’d like and am trying to find a layout that minimizes its use.

This is currently not possible in Chrysalis without using a shift-layer as @mensore suggested.

@algernon, that’s too bad to hear. Is this something Chrysalis eventually plans to support? If so, is there an issue I could follow?

I do not know of such plans currently, but if someone comes up with a plugin that can help do this, and adds Focus and EEPROM storage support to it, or figures out a way to have these on the keymap, then Chrysalis support can be easily added. The harder part is doing the firmware side of it, in a way that Chrysalis can make use of it.

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