[Chrysalis, Layout, Atreus, Firmware] How to assign a character to the shift layer of a key?

I just bought an Atreus and am trying to customize the logical layout using Chrysalis. I can easily assign e.g. the period character (“.”) to any physical key. When I type shift plus that same key I get the colon character (“:”). Let’s say instead I want shift+period to produce the comma character (“,”). Or let’s say I want shift+( to produce ). Is there a way to do this in Chrysalis, or do I have to start messing with QMK firmware or something similar?


Simplest way using Chrysalis is to use a separate layer for shifted keys and put the ‘,’ on the same key as ‘.’. You can then remap the Shift key to a “Move to layer ”. Obviously you’d need to add all the other shifted characters to that layer in this scenario. One thing you might decide to do as part of this process is to have your shifted number row on your default page and the unshifted row on the ‘shifted’ page, or whatever takes your fancy. I’ve found that thinking about layers and how they should be used is really important with the Atreus. Quickly switching between layers becomes second nature after a while. Have fun.


I should have written ‘shift to layer’ but you could also use a ‘one shot layer’ modifier.

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That’s a good idea. One thing you might want to think about before defining a custom shifted layer and replacing the shift keys with for example “shift to layer #2” keys is that you then don’t have standard shift keys any more, which you might need for keyboard shortcuts in your operating system or some applications. So you would have to find another place for a standard shift key.

I believe you need to build your keymap in kaleidoscope and use “shapeshifter” plugin.

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