Bug when sending Fn+Shift from left vs right pad?

Hi there.

Depending on the order and combination of the 4 possible Fn and Shift keys I get different results when combined with the arrow keys.

If I start with Shift, then it doesn’t matter if I use the left or right Shift or Fn, I get the same result when I press the arrow down key ie. LeftShift/RightShift + LeftFn/RightFn + J = Shift + Down

However, if I start with Fn then things get very interesting:

  • RightFn + RightShift + J = Shift + Down // correct
  • RightFn + LeftShift + J = Ctrl + Down // wrong
  • LeftFn + LeftShift + J = Ctrl + Down // wrong
  • LeftFn + RightShift + J = Shift + Down // correct

Even more interesting is that I remapped my physical LeftShift -> RightShift but I still get the above results.

Very odd, any clues how to debug this? Outside of this combo the Fn and Shift keys on either side behave as expected.

I’m on macOS Sierra 10.12.6, haven’t tested other OSs yet.

It sounds like you’ve got your left shift key mapped to Control on the FUNCTION layer.

…Ah… but of course! Now I feel stupid. I swear I looked at the mappings but t’s not on the default layout printout so that probably blinded me to it and my brain just ignored it.