Right fn key getting locked in place

I wanted a macro that would fire when I hit both Fn keys. I placed the macro on the right Fn key inside the function layer. The idea is that if I hit left, then right Fn, it will fire the macro.

It’s having some odd side effects. The right Fn key is now acting as a function layer toggle; whenever I strike it by itself, the keyboard gets locked into Fn mode until I hit the left Fn key. If I strike the right Fn key twice, it fires my macro (and does NOT leave the function layer). I don’t want either behavior.

Is there a way to prevent this erroneous behavior? Here’s a screenshot of my layout.

Interesting. It sounds like the keymap is getting updated prematurely, so that sometime before (or on) release of the right Fn key, that key is being updated to its value on the function layer instead of keeping it’s base layer value, so the release doesn’t trigger turning off the function layer.

What happens if you hold down just the right Fn key? Does it start repeating ctrl+shift+space?

I went ahead and reported this as a Kaleidoscope issue (#246) and submitted a pull request (#247) to fix it.

You can try this version of Kaleidoscope and see if it fixes your problem.


Awesome, that fixed it! Thanks! This also fixes an issue where hitting right, then left Fn will toggle the shortcut. Now I can assign different macros to either side’s Fn key.