Stuck in function layer

I was typing with the default firmware in place and I got into a state where fn appeared to be pressed when it wasn’t. It would act as if it wasn’t pressed when I pressed it after that. I reset the keyboard to make it work again. I can’t figure out what I did. I tried to hold release the fn before releasing the fn before the other key. That didn’t get me there. I hope I can figure it out. Any ideas?

When it got into that state, did both fn keys behave that way, or just one of them?

It happened with both of them.

Well, after spending a while searching through the code and coming up with scenarios that might trigger this, I still have no plausible ideas. It would be great if you could submit a GitHub issue for Kaleidoscope about this, just so we have a place to track it even if nobody can figure it out in the short term.

FWIW, this used to be an issue in older versions of the firmware. Updating to a newer Model01-Firmware should fix it.

When I use the arduino ide it appears that the libraries are up to date in the ide.

Hrm. Not sure if there was a release since the fix… @jesse may know (I’ll look it up too later).