Missing quick input

Hi, I’ve found that if i hold the function key and then quickly type more than two characters i dont receive any but the first two. try it with: function ][}{. anyone else see that?

edit to add: same thing does not happen with shift.

Those specific keys share keycodes, so what you’re seeing is expected.

In more detail: the symbols [ and { have the same keycode in the USB report that’s sent to the host. The { on the function layer (in the factory firmware) also has a modifier flag applied, so when you press that key, it sends shift + [. If you roll over from [ to {, the OS will see this as pressing the [ key, and then shift, then releasing the two keys at the same time (even though you released the two physical keys at different times).

So what you’re seeing actually has nothing to do with the function layer itself; it’s simply about the keycodes. Does that make sense?

As an aside, if you roll over the keys in the other direction ({, }, [, ]), you’ll get different unexpected results, due to a scan order bug.