Fast typing of keys result in different output


I have a long lasting bug and with updating everything today it still persists, so I thought is a good time to ask if this is a bug or me doing things wrong.

When I type "+ (Fn right + ,, Fn right + N) fast enough it results in "*.
Same with \/ (Fn right + A, Fn right + S) which results in \⅞ instead.
It is really annoying because in vim "+ and "* is often used as it accesses the clipboard.

Any ideas what is causing this?

My setup:

I think this is the rollover bug @merlin and @jesse have been tackling recently. If it is, it should be fixed soonish. If it’s not, it still sounds like a bug. If you open an issue against Kaleidoscope, I’ll try to have a look at it (but that may take a little time, as I’m currently swamped :/).

I’m certain @algernon is correct. In the first example, where you intend "+, but get "*, it’s fairly simple. The " is shift+2, so when you roll over to the next key (i.e. don’t release the first key before the second one is pressed), the shift is also applied to that key, and the + becomes a *.

The second example is trickier, and I’m making a small assumption, but I’m quite sure it’s correct. The two Key values are AltGr+0 and shift+7, so when the rollover happens, you get AltGr+shift+7, which I’m assuming is mapped to with your keyboard layout in the OS.

There is a fix for this, which I expect to be appearing in the master branch(es) of Kaleidoscope (and at least one other library) soon. See Kaleidoscope-HIDAdaptor-KeyboardioHID#9.

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Thank you guys! I subscribed to the GitHub issue @merlin mentioned