Symbol layer help [solved]

Hey folks. I’m trying to figure out how to, for example, send a shift + 4 (producing a dollar sign) without actually pressing either of those keys. I’m working on a programming/symbol layer. I’ve looked for an example of this in other layouts and in other questions, but no luck on my part.

Annnnnd I finally found the answer shortly afterward when I stumbled upon @lasse’s keymap. A search in the Kaleidoscope repo for LSHIFT yielded a few other similar macros.


To be honest, I gave up on having a symbol layer.

I squeezed the ones I absolutely can’t live without into the fn layer (with WinCompose macros). If I need other keys I rely on WinCompose.

E.g. I’d type euro as <=>

But looking forward to seeing your layout, if you have any cool ideas?

I’m afraid that I stole all of my cool ideas from Crackle. The basic idea is to put everything on the three most-accessible rows. I’m using the function layer, too, but I simply need more space.

WinCompose is cool, but I need my keyboard to port across platforms.