Shift-num possible?

Is it possible to assign something to shift-num in one’s sketch?
I ask because, reading about it in here, it appears like numlock is kind of a problem child.

You mean like Shift+1? Yep, just put LSHIFT(Key_1) anywhere on the keymap. Or Shift+NumLock? LSHIFT(Key_NumLock) (this might break the Numpad plugin though)

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I didn’t explain well. I’d like to be able to press shift plus the physical num key on the upper right of the right side of the keyboard, and have it trigger something. Is there a way to do it?

Some keys have a shift component built in, so you just specify the one key, and shift+thatkey works. Not sure about the physical “num” key.

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There’s no explicit “shift layer”; instead, the OS determines what to do when a key is pressed while shift is active.

There is a plugin, however, that lets you modify this behavior: ShapeShifter. You’ll need to override Key_KeypadNumLock and make sure that either that key shows up in your sketch or you’re using the NumPad plugin (which presses it directly).


thanks @tiltowaitt, I’ll read about “ShapeShifter”. :slightly_smiling_face:

@algernon hi - I was reading about ShapeShifter, but I notice the repo is archived. Does that mean something has superceded it?

It has been merged into the Kaleidoscope repo, like many other plugins. It’s still there, still the same, but you don’t need another repository to have access to it. :slight_smile: