QUKEY for shift-to-numpad woes

Hello. I am trying to make it so that my left bracket key (physical PgDn) acts as a temporary shifter to the numpad layer when pressed. The QUKEY declaration in my sketch.

However, correctly pressing and holding the key that the bracket itself never registers doesn’t just shift to the layer, it locks it so that the num layer stays on even after my releasing the key. Obviously this is not what is desired. The only way to bring it out is to use my regular numlock sequence,

I tried disabling the numpad plugin but it now produces the cursor movement actions as with the numpad keys with the numlock off. The layer stays locked however. So that’s no help.

Using a dedicated ShiftToLayer() works fine but I don"t have any spare keys to dedicate to that on my base layer so I wanted to use a QUKEY.

Please help!

In my experience, using a key to shift to a layer where that key is also defined can cause issues. I see in your ino file that the key you’re using is defined as ‘XXX’ in the Numpad layer. Perhaps if it was ‘___’ instead you might not have issues?

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I have some idea of what might be causing this problem, but I don’t have any access to hardware that I can use to either compile or test right now.

I think what’s happening is that Qukeys is aborting processing where it should be continuing on a key release. We fixed a bug like this recently that had been introduced in the switch to the new plugin API. If @algernon doesn’t have time to look into this before I get back to the necessary hardware, I’ll fix it later this month.

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Thanks very much! That indeed fixed the issue!

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