Shift double duty as layer shifter but still shift

I want to make one of my shift keys do ShiftToLayer(someLayer), but still register as shift held down when that layer is active. I tried mapping the shift key to the same key in the layer shifted to, but that doesn’t seem to work. I can shift to the layer and type the keys defined on there, but not with shift active. I did try to use the qukeys plugin as that seemed the most relevant. I defined Key_LeftShift on the shift key in the keymap and defined ShiftToLayer() in QUKEYS(…), but I have a feeling the reason that doesn’t work is because the shift to layer only happens when I tap the key, and as such also exits the layer right away.

Any ideas how I can get shift to shift to a layer while pressed AND still function as shift while on that layer?

I had this same issue, because I wanted a custom map of shift keys and a shift layer seemed the easiest way. Because I didn’t need shift on any actual letter keys, I simply added the shift modifier to control, alt, altgr, command, space, backspace, and shift. The shift added to shift lets me still shift on normal keys by pressing both shift keys. The first changes the layer and the second activates shift. However, I’ve never used it, as all I’ve ever needed was to have shift added to my modifier keys for that layer.

I’m using QuKeys to define the layer shift. I want shift to still send shift when pressed with no other keys active, and so I use QuKeys to do that.

My use case is a bit like that, in that I don’t need shift on regular (normal layer) keys. And if I need shift on keys there or on the shifted layer, I can just add the shift modifier.

But I did leave out a detail that makes your solution a no-go for me: I am building a one-handed layout for Blender. In Blender shift can be held while navigating the viewport for panning, but at the same time I want to be able to bind a layer to the shift key.

The goal is to be able to press the shift, and if I keep it pressed without any other keys, I can pan the viewport, but if I press other keys, I want to be able to assign those on its own layer.

Edit: Ohh. What is this? I’m not at my keyboard right now, but I will have to try it when I get home :slight_smile:

It looks like you found ModLayer keys on your own. Those keys will do what you described (act as both a modifier (shift) and a layer shift simultaneously. They can also be used as the alternate Key value for a Qukey, but only one defined in your sketch (i.e. not definable via Chrysalis yet).

Yup, that was the one. Works like a charm. This keyboard just gets better and better :smile: