Shift as shift when pressed alone, but a layer modifier when combined?

I’d like my shift keys to act as shift when pressed alone (some applications respond to double shifts) but as a layer modifier when held. For some reason Chrysalis cannot accommodate. Any ideas?

This is one of those corner cases that is not so easy to handle. While it is possible to define a key in Kaleidoscope that seems like it should behave this way (LT(N, LeftShift)), it wasn’t really considered in the design of the DualUse keys, and if it is possible to define a key like this in Chrysalis, It probably shouldn’t be. The reason is that Qukeys will treat this key as if its primary and alternate key values are reversed, so a tap would give the layer shift and a press and hold would result in the shift.

This type of key can still be defined in Kaleidoscope, but you’ll need to use a full Qukey definition, not DualUse, and you’ll need to reverse the “tap” and “hold” values, with the layer shift in the keymap, and the keyboard modifier as the alternate.

That worked like a charm! Thank you!