Building and flashing single examples from Kaleidoscope repo

Is there a simple way to build and flash one of the examples of the Kaleidoscope project in place, i.e. without copying it to some other sketch folder? Something like

make <relative path to example from Kaleidoscope root>

This would be very useful when developing new examples as part PR.

bin/kaleidoscope-builder Keystrokes/OneShot build flash

There’s no make target for them (yet; there will be when I have time to finish up #517).

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When I do that with my CWD set to the Kaleidoscope repo root, there is an error

> ./bin/kaleidoscope-builder Keystrokes/OneShot build
Building OneShot (0.0.0) ...
keyboardio: Unknown package

Any ideas?

Does make smoke-examples work?

Sorry, I forgot to define BOARD_HARDWARE_PATH. If I start it as

> BOARD_HARDWARE_PATH=$PWD/../../../.. ./bin/kaleidoscope-builder \
         Keystrokes/OneShot build

it works as expected. That’s because I never symlink the hardware path in my Arduino installation to avoid confusion.

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