[Cancelled] Barely used Model 01 loud click (China Mainland)

(Shihpin Tseng) #1

I have published it on https://2.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=2007.1000622.0.0.kIc7ef&id=566548040176

(Gareth Hayes) #2

Which city are you in? I’m in HK and was looking to get one.

(Shihpin Tseng) #3

I’m in Chengdu, Sichuan.

(Gareth Hayes) #4

Could you use SF to send it to HK?

How much (RMB) do you want to sell it for?

(Shihpin Tseng) #5

Use SF, Sure. I’m not sure how much the shipment will cost. Waiting the SF client answer me

(Shihpin Tseng) #6

How about 2250(RMB) with shipping?

(Shihpin Tseng) #7

I have ordered Matias Quiet-Linear Switch to swap, and not for sale now. I can’t edit the post title to close the sale for now, if the administrator read this please close or delete this thread.

(Gergely Nagy) #8