Chrysalis and new firmware updates

I’ve had my Atreus for a few months now and downloaded Chrysalis just after I received the keyboard. The firmware version however has never changed - yet I have seen lots of talk about firmware improvements. Does Chrysalis do a online check for new firmware versions, or am I supposed to download a new version of Chrysalis every now and again to get a new firmware version?

I downloaded Chrysalis from here. It still shows v0.7.9 as the latest version - released July 2020.

Chrysalis is a graphical configuration software that cover a part of the thing you can do with the kaleidoscope firmware (mainly where to place the keys on the keyboard, and how tho change the layers).

There is a big UI work in progress on the way we can pick the keys and assign them, and there is a big work on the QKeys functionality of kaleidoscope, so each release of Chrysalis comes with the release of kaleidoscope that is needed to work with it. If your keyboard firmware is too old, Chrysalis will tell you and propose to flash an compatible one.

If you use Chrysalis, follow the Chrysalis update, and you will ever be up to date :smile: