Chrysalis update error

I just started Chrysalis (12), it downloaded version 13,
but gave me the following error

Is this a known issue or should I raise it somewhere?

I get the same thing. I made an issue on GitHub.

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I just got the same error as well, late 5/14, or early 5/15, depending on how you look at it.

Thanks for all the hard work with this Keyboardio team!

Can anyone who experiences the download/ update error still use Chrysalis? Like stated a week ago I can not access the keyboard any longer via Chrysalis 12. That was after the firmware update which was supposed to make everything more stable! This is pretty frustrating I must say. I am close to end the time-consuming experiment with the model 100. So far I am more disappointed than delighted. :frowning:

I can’t give you any useful advice, but Chrysalis works fine for me (though I only use it to update firmware) and it updated without any trouble on Linux.

The only times I have connection problems it’s because I’ve forgotten to close Serial Monitor in the Arduino IDE.

Thanks Seán,

it seems I am (as it seems often) unlucky that I have so many problems with the model 100. Good, that at least some can use the keyboard (mostly) without hickups.