Cleaning my keyboard

Hello everyone. Just wanted to say that I absolutely love my Atreus. It has been my daily driver ever since I got it but, of course, all good things must come to an end eventually. I just wanted to know what possible maintenance and cleaning I should do to my keyboard to prolong it.

The only cleaning that I do for the keyboard right now is just using a brush (a paint brush, the bristles aren’t that hard, but they’re not too soft as well) to wipe off dust on the plate. I haven’t opened the keyboard itself yet, since I’m kinda scared I might break something but if you have suggestions I’m very open to them.

Best treatment is prevention !

Personally I always lay down a thin towel over my keyboards when non using them…
… Also, note that having a towel at hands is always a good idea, just in case :rocket: :flying_saucer:

I don’t think the Atreus would need any special attention compared other keyboards. In fact if you got the box switch the contacts will be better protected against dust than traditional MX. I don’t see any reason not to continue to brush between the keys if you prefer and I use a damp soapy cloth to clean grime off the rest.

Even if the switches do stop working reliably, it is hot swap so just bin the offending ones and replace.

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