Pondering an Atreus

Hello all,

Recently, a beloved mechanical of mine gave up the ghost so I’ve been working on a 75% layout while I deliberate exactly what to do.
Falling down the rabbit hole of ortholinear, ergo, and nyquist eventually led me to the Atreus. Since I’m in the market for something new, a large part of me wants to capitalize on the opportunity to not only get something new, but something better. I write and type a lot, so I need a tool that will last. I’m also of the mindset that an increase in marginal gains is not only acceptable, but the proper way to really see results. As such, I’m not afraid of the time it will take to learn.

Is the Atreus a good tool for long-form writing?

In general it’s a great keyboard and I suspect you’re gonna be pretty happy with it for long form writing, especially if you capitalize on the layers.

I am still not as fast on it as on my Kinesis Ergo, but I suspect that is mostly because I still sometimes pause to figure out where a less used key is on one of the layers (and perhaps because I move between 3 or 4 different keyboards.)

Thank you, Michael! I appreciate the insight.

For the time being, I’ve decided to wait until my workload lessens a bit in a few months to take the plunge.

I’m very much looking forward to experiencing the Atreus!