Updated Atreus?

Hello J + K and all.

I have the Model 001, 100, and the atreus. I find myself using the atreus more than the other two.

The size lends itself to being very easy to travel with, while I have the travel case, I usually just stick the atreus in the laptop bag. The atreus also takes up so little real estate on my desk its just so nice.

So for J and K, are there any plans or efforts to update the atreus? By update, I mean:

  • Layer Indicator
    some kind of indicator to let me know what layer I’m on - number, LED lights, LED color assignment, etc.

-Back lit or other keyboard lights
back lit options? I often type in the evening so it’d be nice to not have additional lights on, although these days, its kinda moot, touch typing and muscle memory plus I’ve defined my layouts and have had enough time with them, its not necessary, just a nice to have

-Wireless support
It would be great to build wireless support while keeping the wired usb c port. Bluetooth or RF options? BT probably easier as you wouldn’t need a receiver on the compute end.

I have seen some other kick starters for custom KBs, namely naya create and tws - true wireless split but the size of the atreus (44) is really nice.

Naya Create


Thanks and enjoy your day.


I would buy this. I love my Atreus, but a layer indicator would be awesome - ideally with backlit keys.
Wireless would be great too, but not a must for me.

The TWS looks nice, but the Naya - while it also looks very nice - gives me strong vaporware vibes.

I’d for sure buy a wireless Atreus. and some layer indication would also be much appreciated.
(meanwhile, I’m ordering a wireless dygma defy).

For those that are curious.

Dygma Defy

Can be done, tented/thicker base to hide battery + bluetooth/wireless transmitter. Bluetooth preferred so you don’t need a rf receiver.

battery remaining indicator and layer identifier for atreus 2.0

take my money J+K

reference tws - tws keyboard

I second your request for wireless.

The other feature I would like to see is the Cherry “Low Profile” switch to improve portability.