Just got my atreus

The biggest issue I’m having is getting used to key placement. The second is the lack of a right hand shift key. Anybody have a layout they use to provide shift for keys on the right hand side of the keyboard?

I made a sample one here:

It doesn’t use the three outer ones on the bottom row, so you could add Shift in there.

Atreus, first impressions. I’m typing this post on the atreus now. It is taking some getting use to but I can only say its so small, so cool. And I like it so much. Maybe I should have bought two? I’m sure someone will want to sell theirs, unless J & K have extras they’re looking to get rid off… Let me know.

Its so small (I know I already said that), it fits so nicely on my desk. I am not disappointed. My only wish - LED backlit keys since I keep my room feeling like a cave…

Thanks again J and K.

I will post more as I reconfigure the atreus and get more practice with it.

Enjoy yours when you get it.

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There are some things that I dislike compared to the M01, particularly with key placement. I miss the thumb cluster and I think the second inner keys should be one row up to be easily reachable with the forefinger since there’s no way they’re thumb keys.

One thing that I have noticed that I much prefer over the M01, however, is how fast it feels to type on. Now that I am accustomed to the key placements for the majority of letters, it really feels like I’m blazing over it as I go. This is probably not objective; I dare not do a typing test :wink: It may purely be the key switches (I got whites, which I am loving), but I think maybe it’s also because my fingers aren’t moving quite as far?

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Agreed and good idea!

I’ve noticed this also!

It’s not entirely in my head. I still fumble a fair bit, but then I can also do this…

Wow nice! What program is that?

Impressive that you were able to learn all the special characters and layers and stuff so quickly! I’m still stumbling over the shift and punctuation keys. How’d you do it so quickly?

It’s typingclub.com.

I haven’t learned all the layers and special characters very well yet. I still stumble majorly on all the number shift characters, and on the numbers themselves I am very slow (I have remapped them to my left hand since I never learned a number pad anyway, and I have other things on my right).

My layout is based on the layout I created for my Model 01, which I used for over a year, so I got quite accustomed to that and was very accurate on pretty much everything. Shift is easy as it’s right next to my thumb, and the punctuation keys are mostly on keys I already know. Here’s a screenshot of my layers:

The final layer is for switching pinned tabs using `+q etc. You can see that I also have a couple of doubled up characters that I haven’t quite figured out yet. I do a lot of coding so things like ampersands are important but I can’t quite get my fingers used to the placement so I’m experimenting…

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I put mine on my left hand too. Seems like the much better way to go. But now I’m wondering about putting them all on the top row (on a function layer). Designing an Atreus layout is hard.

How are you stumbling on anything? Looks like you have 100% accuracy!!

Here’s my current attempt:

I created a set of layouts for the Atreus as close as I could get to the default Model01 layout and layers.

I use the 4 thumb keys as layer shifters when held, so they work like the palm fn keys on the Model01. Although I only really use two additional layers

Images of layouts on the readme

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