Check out my Atreus 2 layout!

I made an Atreus 2 layout! The goal here was to put all the important editing keys (Home, End, Space, Enter, Delete, Backspace) on the main layer while not using the three keys in each of the far corners (so it’s a 38-key layout).

  • numpad, Tab, Esc on the left side of Layer 1 (red)
  • Fkeys on the left side of Layer 2 (green)
  • arrows and most main punctuation on the right of Layer 1
  • other punctuation, braces, brackets, angle brackets on the right of Layer 2
  • you get to Layer 3 (blue) by pressing both layer keys together
  • mouse control, LED, Insert, bonus F keys on Layer 3

I can’t wait to get my Atreus 2 so I can try this out!

What do you think?