My new Model 100 layout - inspired by my Atreus layout, with dedicated arrow keys

So now that my new Model 100 is here, I am trying to figure out what layout to use. I really liked having all the keys so close on the Atreus, so I am replicating that on the Model 100 by not using the outer columns and top row for the main keys. I’m going to use the outer columns and top row for extra modifiers and modifier combos, mouse button keys, and macro keys, and Bold and Italic buttons!

My old Atreus layout

The idea behind this layout was to have dedicated arrow keys, keys for Home, End, and Delete, and two layer shift keys, all on the main layer. To do this I had to cram everything else on two other layers. I never use Insert so I put that on a fourth layer.

I love this layout, so I copied it for the Model 100. If you take out the outer columns and top rows, it’s the same number of keys, just shifted around a little. So I kept it basically the same.

Here is my new Model 100 layout based on the Atreus layout:

This is still a work in progress so I’d appreciate any thoughts.

The Rec and Play are going to be for recording macros on the fly, once I get that plugin to work.

Thanks for sharing. I’m still refining my layout so seeing how others have done it is useful. Your space on the thumb keys seems like a bit of a reach. Where do you rest your thumbs?

This reminds me to the layout I created for my Ergodox - there I put the cursor-keys in the thumb-cluster as well. But the Ergodox had more keys in the thumb cluster and no palm key!

I really got used to having all cursor movements using the palm key switch. (I used to have an inversed T for the cursor-keys using i,j,k,l)

I also was thinking about having two different layers for the two palm keys. Love seeng all those ideas!