40%-ish keymap layout for Model 100

I’ve been using a 40%-ish (i.e. 3-row) keymap for the Model 100 that only uses 44 of the 64 keys and I was curious to see if there are other folks who are using a reduced layout. I’d be really interested in seeing your layout if you are!

For a detailed writeup of the layout, see https://cdwilson.dev/articles/40-percent-keymap-for-keyboardio-model-100/

tldr; here’s the layout


Nice writeup, I’ve been considering something along the same lines after using a corne (42 keys) recently.

this is mine, i use 2 layers for the most part, and have a third layer for mouse for when i just want to shift the cursor a bit

the main typing layout is a variation of this layout i found on the internet, https://www.keyboard-design.com/letterlayout.html?layout=maks-ex.en.ergodox
haha i’m only 50 wpm efficient with it so far, but it does subjectively feel better than qwerty since there’s better effort and frequency distribution amongst my fingers

i mainly also only use 3 rows, with the 4th row as function keys which i rarely ever touch

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Mine is basically reduced… I posted it here though I have made a few changes since. It is a work in progress