Model 100 Dvorak keycap legends

We’re in the process of finalizing the add-on keycaps for the Model 100, but wanted to take a moment (or really a couple days) to let folks flag potential issues with our keycap legends.

These are the Dvorak legends as currently planned. The layout here is how the caps are positioned on the painting jigs. Most keys are where you’d expect them, but the thumb keys have been moved around to make the tooling easier to manage. (I’ve also included the QWERTY keycaps for reference.) There is no significance to the colors.

Is there anything that looks wrong to you?



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Looks good. Glad to see we’ll have the function layer labels this time :slight_smile:

The letters (blue) and numbers/punctuation characters (green) are at the correct location. But I am not sure if you plan to engrave the additional characters (brown) and arrow keys (red)? I prefer not to have them on my keyboard.

Currently I’m using the Atreus. I was pretty happy, that I could just flip the caps from US layout to Dvorak. I know, that won’t be possible with the Model 100 as the keys have different sizes. But with the default Atreus’ Dvorak layout the arrow keys and different parenthesis characters are on the FUN layer on your left hand. I’m quite sure I will stay with that layout for the Model 100.

As there is no “default” for Dvorak layouts beside the letters (the original Dvorak layout had even the numbers re-arranged), I guess that many typists would arrange the additional keys on the FUN-layers to their liking. So I would prefer to stay with the U.S. Dvorak layout engraved on the keycaps (blue, green) and leave out any additional characters (red, brown) besides the control keys.

If the order with the additional engraving had already been placed, I would not mind either. It’s very seldom that I have a look on my keyboard while typing.

One thing which I am missing on the Atreus are keycaps with little indication dots for the index finger on the U and H keycaps. Probably that can be arranged for the Model 100 keycaps.

One more thing: I’m missing a dedicated key for \ and |. In the U.S. Dvorak layout it is between the Backspace and Return key. But it seems the QWERTY layout for the Model 100 does not include this key as well.

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That’s right- It’s something we’re not changing from the standard layout. Both of those are on the Fun layer.

Last time around, we didn’t engrave the fun-layer symbols and got pushback, so we’re going the other way this time around.

But yes, we do have homing bars on U and H this time :slight_smile:

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I’m with @pylon; I’d strongly prefer the arrows and other function-layer things not to be on the keycaps.

As I’m sure you know, arrows on hjkl are a vi / ADM-3A thing. In vim, which I heavily use every day, I still use hjkl for my directions, in their new Dvorak places; not dhtn. I would have thought most other vi users are the same since the alternative is a whole lot of remapping and loss of mnemonics. (And the Dvorak hjkl spots are more ergonomic/intuitive than you’d imagine!)

For when I want all arrows in a cluster, I have have function-chtn as arrows, which means I’ve also shifted around the braces and brackets.

All this together means the labels will just be nonsense for me, and harmful for anyone else who wants to use my machine.

I suppose I can always use my old keycaps, but I see this as a bit of a shame.

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