Model 100 Colemak Layout?

From the recent Model 100 kickstarter email: “If you’re a Colemak Classic typist and Mod-DH keycaps aren’t going to work for you, we’ll be able to adjust your pledge once backer surveys open.”

So if I understand correctly, this means that Colemak classic keycaps will not be an option for the Model 100 at all? If that is the case, will blank keycaps be an option?

@jesse will shurely confirm this, but you may have the possibility to choose any other available set (încluding blanc or, I hope top, Linear-A).

That’s right. The overwhelming majority of folks want Mod-DH rather than Colemak Classic, so we’re adjusting the caps to that.

And yes, during the backer survey, you’ll be able to change your keycap set choices.


I am a colemak classic typist.
How much more expensive would it be to include two extra keys in the colemak pack to make it a user choice?

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Sure, but will there be some sort of “blank” option, or something like the Linear A caps?

As a non-qwerty typist, I’m obviously no stranger to just using qwerty legends anyway. But if accurate keycaps aren’t an option, I’d prefer to have no label (or a meaningless label) over an incorrect one.

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Both Blank and Linear A caps will be an option.

Unfortunately, because our keycaps are injection molded as a full set, adding “just a couple” alternate keycaps is the same cost to make as a full set. (We’d have to throw away the rest of the set.)


That works great for me at least then. Thanks!