Model 100 Colemak-DH keycap legends

We’re in the process of finalizing the add-on keycaps for the Model 100, but wanted to take a moment (or really a couple days) to let folks flag potential issues with our keycap legends.

These are the Colemak-DH legends as currently planned. The layout here is how the caps are positioned on the painting jigs. Most keys are where you’d expect them, but the thumb keys have been moved around to make the tooling easier to manage. (I’ve also included the QWERTY keycaps for reference.) There is no significance to the colors.

Is there anything that looks wrong to you?




I’ve used Colemak DH for more than a year, and this looks perfectly fine to me!

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Same, looks good to me! Nice to see mod-DHm having its moment on a production board :slight_smile:

One thing is probably deliberate, but is a bit of a problem from my point of view. You took orders for Colemak, and showed a Colemak layout - in fact that’s still what is shown on the perks page. Now it seems that you have changed to Colemak-DH, which has four keys in the left hand moved around relative to Colemak.

Indeed, we’re making Colemak-DH keycaps. We wrote about making this change based on the majority of Colemak-typing backers preferring -DH on ortholinear keyboards in a backer update, but because of how Indiegogo and Kickstarter work, we’re not able to update the descriptions of the rewards or the associated images on the campaign page. The images and text descriptions on the survey pages (where you can choose to keep or change your keycap selection) did already have the correct information.

Sometime in the next 10 minutes or so, I’m going to email everyone who’s preordered Colemak keycaps to show them exactly what we’re making and give them the opportunity to either cancel their keycap order or switch to an alternate keycap set.


With a combo of the QWERTY and the DH set, you can almost get back to vanilla Colemak by subbing in VBHM from the QWERTY set. The G&D keys being the two missing ones needed to get you all the way there. Any creative solutions to solve for the vanilla Colemak users, or are we just SOL? Will caps from the Model 01 fit the Model 100? I assume a custom run of just VBHMGD keys as a conversion kit is a no-go?

i can learn DH almost as fast as standard ;^)
BUT i’d very much prefer the 1 & 0 keys to be printed in line w/ the other numbers: either lowering those two, raising the rest, or a more minor adjustment to all so they’re all even… picky ;^)

The 0 and 1 are indeed visually aligned when we the keycaps are mounted on the keyboard, but not on the injection molding and painting jig.