Atreus or Model 100?

Atreus or Model 100? Which do you prefer and why? Go!

Atreus for me personally.
Smaller, more compact, has a QMK port, sounds/feels better to type on and the layout works better for me. The model 100’s palm keys didn’t work out for me, I missed having a bottom row under the alphas, they cancelled the vanilla colemak keycap option, and I don’t need the extra keys on the thumbs and inner columns.
I also like that you can customise the keycaps and add on a walnut case if you want more of that beautiful model 100 aesthetic.
The only pro for me for the Model 100 is the mounting options, but since it’s wired it’s also a bit cumbersome. The RGB is nice too but I can take it or leave it.

Mmm… I like the smaller form factor too. But I do miss the extra Fun key on the left hand side of the Atreus. I’m not sure which key I need to swap out.

The answer is always “it depends”. I love the Atreus for putting it in its carrying case and throwing it in my backpack. Then I can use my fun portable workstation setup on the go.

Even though I’m proficient on the Atreus, I can code faster on the Model 100. Numbers and symbols come out faster for me. So when I’m at my home base, I use the Model 100 in the “tent” configuration on my desk.

I also really enjoy making my Model 100 flat, and keeping it in my lap for casual typing in a comfortable chair. The Atreus would be too small for that to work well for me.

It takes my brain about a minute to switch modes from Atreus to Model 100 or vice-versa. I don’t mind this, but I can understand how some people would.

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Much as I like the look and feel of the Model 100, the default firmware is very flaky. It really does not support home-row mods, combos and macros well, at all. And the macros are pathetically limited. The Atreus is rock solid on QMK. If Kaleidoscope ever matures, or preferably, QMK is brought up on it, the Model 100 will be dusted off - or it might get sold first. I should try an update - maybe the issues have been fixed since

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I prefer model 100 because it has more keys and the palm keys are great. But when traveling, I love to connect the atreus and I’m always surprised, how well it substitutes the large keyboard. I miss few more keys in the center or even a track point. But I can still live weeks or even months with it.

I will get me a travel case for the Atreus to take it with when traveling. I’ll leave my precious Model 100 at home at my desk.

The Model100 has been dusted off and going into daily use. The Chord plugin fixes almost everything wrong with combos. You have to tweak the timing, but you can have chords and qu_keys on overlapping keys without the thing freezing. I’m still struggling with a macro, but Kaleidoscope is finally a usable firmware.

I’m not sure if the Atreus will go back to the office (easier to carry into meetings), or just be a travel keyboard, yet.

Atreus… easy.

couple years ago bought both units, and decided to immerse myself in one at a time to get great at both independently.

At the time the Model 100 was the primary item this was all about, the Atreus was actually not even a consideration. Frankly, it was a “why not” purchase because I was curious about it when I saw it. I just don’t see or could find enough out there on the web and youtube to give me the sense it was broadly regarded and discussed-- this of course applies to the time that I discovered and was inquiring about it. There surely is some, but not a whole lot, even to this day. Most I still see are the older writeups and reviews from 3 years back or so.

But… Gawd… Still cant squarely put my finger on it but this lil thang blows my mind. I spent the first week or so getting used to it, and once I ‘logic’d’ out the wheres and whys of the key placements for those secondary actions, it just clicked. ‘Brainlessly’ and seemingly without thought my fingers fly on it.

This is officially my “end game” board. Not that I don’t pick up new boards or have others.

I own all the usual ergonomic and/or ortholinear suspects of this game… Adv2, Adv360 (both of 'em), ZSA Planck, 2 HHKB pro hybrid type-s and 1 HHKB pro, and so forth… Thankfully I have resisted falling for the low profile chock switch johnny come lately hotstuff of the now because I was on that prior wave with the Nuphy, keychron, and Logitech MX’s and I simply did not have the tactile satisfaction that I get from full sized switches and keycaps…

But I now own 7 Atreii (is that plural for Atreus?)

Different switches for different moods, and 3 in Colemak DHm layout. All truly the product of just my curiosity to try some new switch or other, and liking it enough that I wanted to have a board with it permanently.

If I had to only have one, the Atreus it is. For me, its peerless. I can do “everything” with it, “brainlessly”.

Only thing I think it needs is an absolutely rock solid and sure Bluetooth option that is a cake-walk to setup and use.

Also, RGB… I can take or leave it. Preferably leave it. The sparkles do nothing for me.

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