Atreus stagger vs model 01 stagger


I’ve been using my keyboardio atreus for a couple of months now and really love it. It is my first board with columnar stagger. Apparantly an update for the model 01 is coming and I may want to get that. I was wondering what the difference is in stagger for the model 01 compared to the atreus. And are there any layout differences that I should keep in mind (apart from more keys obviously). The thumb cluster in particular seems better on the model 10. Is there anyone here who has experience with both and can share some insights?


Hi Jef
I haven’t used an Atreus so I can’t comment on the differences.
However I do have a Model 01, and I can say that I love the thumb clusters.
Would I miss them? Not sure. I bought it specifically for the thumb cluster design, after trying and hating an Ergodox.
I think I could adapt to the Arteus (and lack of thumb keys) if the firmware supported (arbitrary) combo keys. Unfortunately the plugins I’ve looked at don’t play nice with that - yet.

I have both, the stagger is similar, possibly a little less pronounced on the Atreus.
The biggest difference is the ability to use your thumbs on the Model 01. I’ve tweaked
my Atreus layout to be more thumb oriented/Model 01 like.

My Atreus keymap is here

I have both. The biggest difference is, that you can position the halves freely, you have the palm key and you have more thumb keys. Plus integrated wrist rest. Model 01 is of course more comfortable and ergonomic. Go for it

I own both, I used the Model01 for about half a year and switched to the Atreus about 4 moths ago. I rearanged my Atreus to be more like the Model01, but since the Atreus doesn’t have as many thumb keys I moved most of my modifiers to homerow. Today I tried using the Model01 again, I am having some difficulty setting up my homerow modifiers so I haven’t done a lot of typing on it except some typing tests.

I noticed the travel between keys is a lot larger on the Model01. The Atreus has bog standard keycaps and those on the model 01 all have custom shapes, which feels awkward going back.

What I miss most about my Model01 is the split and tenting. I would love a split version of the Atreus, I am now thinking about building a Corne, with a tenting case.