Model 100

With Jesse and Kaia having teased the model100 on twitter, there are some Questions popping up in my head.

It has been said that this week the model01q will be sold out for ever.

  • Will the model100 have the same wooden enclosure? So if a model01 enclosure breaks will it be possible to order a new enclosure out of wood that fits?

  • Some keycaps will differ in height, will it be possible to order keycaps for the model01 that feel the same?

I wish to strive and better luck than what they experienced with model01.


I doubt you will. AFAICT the new key caps are made with a Cherry stem: The Model01 has a Matias/Alps stem. I don’t expect the kind people of to create the new caps also with an Alps stem.

Looking at this tweet they posted in the conversation, this is expected to be possible.

Thank you. Also no confirmed on twitter that keycaps for model01 will be continued to be produced.

I’m very curious how the keyboard layout will work for the model100. Coincidentally, I bought an Atreus 2 last fall before rumors of the model100 surfaced, to serve as my cafe keyboard. I’ve really been struggling with getting the layout to be a reasonable facsimile of my model01. Two strategies I’ve thought of so far:

  • use the bottom row as a function row and programmer key filler (=, ?, etc), and that works okay (but sacrifices having a number row). I’m really struggling to make this work for me – and failing :’(
  • a new thought I haven’t tried yet: don’t use the bottom row as a function row (getting a number row back, and matching the way the model01 home position) - this leaves one ‘fn’ key in the middle of the keyboard for each hand - maybe with some creative use of press/hold toggle keys I can make this work. We’ll see!

Regarding the Atreus, I’ve played a bit with trying to come up with a layout that’s close to the Model01’s, at least in spirit:

Something along these lines might work for the Atreus1 too (which has 2 thumb keys less). This does not have a number row either, but personally, I found a numpad arrangement on a layer much more comfortable to use: I can use a single hand to enter any digit, instead of having to use two!


Ooh, nice, thanks for that. My current mapping is similar in a lot of ways (using QMK), with numbers/fkeys as rows (I’m with algo on that one; its been a LONG time since I made much use of number pads!).

Huh? How did you do that? I thought it wasn’t out yet.

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Ah, my bad - Atreus. Just Atreus :slight_smile:

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Oh shoot, so that means the new model won’t have Matias switches? That’s my favorite thing about this keyboard.

My gut reaction to MX-style switches is disappointment … but if BOX Red is an option, it’ll be an insta-buy for me.

Why? What’s the difference if you get switches with similar characteristics but made by a different manufacturer?

Sure, if they’re switches with similar characteristics made by a different manufacturer, there’s not much difference. But ALPS-style switches are nothing at all like MX-style switches. They are fundamentally different in mechanics and construction, and hence they feel and sound completely different.

62g Zealios Purple switches aren’t bad, but they’re expensive and sometimes hard to come by. And still not as good as the ALPS-style ones.

My wish list for a Model 02 100 has long been:

  • Cherry switches (I haven’t tried Kailh, but I’ll probably like them too). I don’t hate the Matias switches, but I don’t like them as much. I guess this is already decided :smile:
  • Give the Space and Bksp keys a more distinctive shape, concave on the X axis, with “shoulders” that make it easier to find quickly. I’ve done this on my keyboard with Sugru, and I think it works great.
  • A second palm key for the outside of the hand. For example, on the right side, consider an imaginary extension of the line that divides the 9 column from the 0 column. I would place the second palm key roughly at the intersection of that line with a line perpendicular to that one that runs through the label of the “alt” key. I would use this for Ctrl, but maybe by default it shouldn’t do anything, lest some people find it annoying.
  • Add a fifth thumb key on one end of the arc, rotating the whole group half a key-width toward the other end. The two end keys would have the same default label. This would give people with very large or very small hands a choice of which of those keys they want to use, or alternatively, could be customized to be yet another modifier key (perhaps useful for non-English alphabets).
  • An auxiliary USB port for a mouse or trackball.
  • A smoother supply chain experience for Jesse and Kaia :smile_cat:
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As someone who completely missed the boat on the Model 01, my wish is for as few changes as possible so that the Model 100 arrives soon(er) :grinning:

With that said… I wonder if there’s been any consideration of combining the best features of the 01 and the Atreus. Imagine removing the top row and side column of keys from the 01 - takes 20 keys off leaving just… 44. Without the wood base and the octo feet to reduce cost and weight (and intl shipping costs), it could have the great design of the 01 (split, sculpted/thumb/palm keys) with the appeal and economy of a minimalist 40% kb?

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People often sell used ones, so you didn’t totally miss out.

I’d rather see a keyboardio with more keys, personally. Imagine one with an extra row and side columns! Now that they’ve done medium and small, I’m hoping they’ll do large next!

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I would like to see a “big” scroll wheel at either inside the rows of keys or at the end of the rows of keys; And a usable track ball/pad/pointer on both sides. (Basically, I don’t want to move my hands off the keyboard.)

I’m not a fan of the mouse on the function layer, though I appreciate the effort that’s gone in to make it the best it could be.