Kailh sockets in the Model01?

Kailh sockets are being sold on the KIO website and I’m wondering if there is any way these would possibly work on the Model01. I’m guessing that compared to the Matias the keycap mount is different so I’d have to make my own key caps which I don’t want to do. So waiting for the Model 100 is my only course here eh?

Others have just swapped switches but since I’m not sure which key switches I’d want I’m not all in on replacing the switches.

Love the quiet click but also have a click and the force is just too much. I want something more like MX blues that has a click but is low force and less travel would be great.

Since I have two keyboards I’m willing to sacrifice the clicks version to try something new.

Anyone find a solution? Just go get Alps or something?

For what I want here, what’s the best course of action?

The solder connections for alps and cherry-compatible switches are positioned differently, so – no, unfortunately, the kailh sockets are not going to work with the Model01 (unless they went the ergodox infinity route and provided solder points that are both alps- and cherry-compatible).

only other option atm is buying matias quiet linears yourself, then switching out the switch insides (or unsoldering/resoldering, if you’re into that).

Also, even if you could manage to make a converter to use Kailh sockets over the Matias connetions, you will get a second (and not least) problem : the keycaps are not cherry compatible neither… So you’ll have to find a way to adapt all the Model01 keycaps as well.

Sound like it will ruins all the unbelievable design of the Model01 :blush: