Keyboardio model 01-Q change switches


I am new to mechanical keyboard, and keyboardio is my first mechanical keyboard. I am currently in the process to get myself more familiar with the new keyboard, which I grabbed from ebay few days ago. Before using keyboardio, I have been using Logitech MX keys, which I liked its tactile switches. I was wondering if it is possible to change the switches in keyboardio to make them as close as possible to MX keys.

Any ideas of suggestions?

EDIT: If it is possible to replace the switches, can anyone point me where to get a set a switches to give me an experience similar to what I have with Logitech MX keys?


Hi and welcome,

short answer: with the model01 it is not possible to change the switches. BUT: you can change the enterior of the Matias switches. There is a thread here, where someone posted a good explanation on howto change the switch mechanisms without changing the whole switch. I did that too, because:

  • the Matias clicky switches in my keyboardio Model 01 started failing
  • I wanted to try linear switches

So, I replaced the keyswitch “internals” about 3 times (clicky to linear back to silent tactile).

IF you want to do that, be prepared that it is dangerous - if you break a switch, you’d have to desolder it and replace it. And it is really taking a while.

The other option: Pre-Order a model-100, that one has swappable switches!

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