Keyboardio model 01-Q change switches


I am new to mechanical keyboard, and keyboardio is my first mechanical keyboard. I am currently in the process to get myself more familiar with the new keyboard, which I grabbed from ebay few days ago. Before using keyboardio, I have been using Logitech MX keys, which I liked its tactile switches. I was wondering if it is possible to change the switches in keyboardio to make them as close as possible to MX keys.

Any ideas of suggestions?

EDIT: If it is possible to replace the switches, can anyone point me where to get a set a switches to give me an experience similar to what I have with Logitech MX keys?


Hi and welcome,

short answer: with the model01 it is not possible to change the switches. BUT: you can change the enterior of the Matias switches. There is a thread here, where someone posted a good explanation on howto change the switch mechanisms without changing the whole switch. I did that too, because:

  • the Matias clicky switches in my keyboardio Model 01 started failing
  • I wanted to try linear switches

So, I replaced the keyswitch “internals” about 3 times (clicky to linear back to silent tactile).

IF you want to do that, be prepared that it is dangerous - if you break a switch, you’d have to desolder it and replace it. And it is really taking a while.

The other option: Pre-Order a model-100, that one has swappable switches!

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To add on, unfortunately the Model-01 uses matias switches which are not compatible with MX style switches as you may know. This made a lot of sense at the time but since the release of the Model-01 there has been a keyswitch revolution, but only for the MX style switches as it was the result of the Cherry patent running out.

Alps switches are an option since they are what matias switches are based on and are generally considered to have a superior feel. However, alps are no longer in production and haven’t been for a long time, so it’ll be difficult to find 64 alps switches for cheap (the cheapest way is to find a vintage keyboard with alps, and hope it has the ones you want). On top of this you will need to desolder the existing switches and solder in the replacements. I did this to my Model 01 with Alps Orange switches and love my keyboard, but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who is antsy about deconstructing something and having to put it back together.