More robust keyswitches than matias

I have a model 01 Quiet Click that has been working quite nicely for me the last 2.5 years. Recently (last couple of months) keyswitches started to chatter. I first tried to clean them, but in the end I always had to replace the switches. So I always have to replace a keyswitch every 2-4 weeks, which I find really annoying as it disrupts the whole workday for me.

I would like to replace all the switches with something more robust. I don’t mind cleaning every now and then, but not solder every 2 weeks. Is there keyswitch set known for robustness and longlevity that fits well? I don’t care about RGB.


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Pardon my curiousness but
#how much typing are you used to doing?
#writer-, programmer-, engineering- gaming-, stock’market- etc…style of input?【ツ】
#any particular keys or just random?
#what Model01-Nr. are you running?


#how much typing are you used to doing?
I work (also use it for leisure stuff like surfing the web) with it like probably 50-55 hours per week.
#writer-, programmer-, engineering- gaming-, stock’market- etc…style of input?【ツ】
mainly programming
#any particular keys or just random?
I liked the quiet click feel, but I probably get used to other stuff too. I would just really like them to last longer then the ones I currently have.
#what Model01-Nr. are you running?
The back of it says Model 01-Q #003767

Thanks for the interest.

#can you pinpoint a specific area on the keyboard where the switches tend to misfire more often?

Recommend taking a look at this post:

I have had random key chatter pop up too every couple of weeks/months/years on my Model01. Huge reason why I am mainly using the Atreus now.

Instead of replacing the switches though, I went through this post which shows the anatomy of the switches and how to fix them.

I am resigned to popping off the casing and bending the metal to the optimal angle. This seems to be an actual design flaw with the Alps/Matias-style key switches. If not a flaw, they are failing to work as reliably as cheaper keyboard switches.

The upcoming Model100 is probably the easier upgrade path for now. Maybe if we are lucky, we can get some kind of conversion kit or guide to swap them for the (from my experience for now) more reliable CherryMX switches.

I also had a look at the post you linked a while ago, but I just burst the metal while trying to bend it a bit. So I didn’t try that anymore after I broke two switches.

Oh. That metal bit must have been pretty worn out. I just fixed another 3 chattering switches last weekend by bending them about 1-3 degrees. Every single one of them including one that wasn’t chattering I popped off by accident had both metal pieces pressing against each other.

Just shows how robust the firmware is that technically all of the keys I fixed were shorting, and somehow it still picked up the difference between pressing down and not pressing down.