Model 01 keys dying?

Hello everyone, I got my Model 01 back in 2017 and it worked well. However, now it seems I’m reaching its end-of-life. Like many 01s it would suffer from a occasional double-typing. Usually the common fix for that worked. However about two weeks ago I came to work to find nearly all keys either double-typing or not doing anything at all. I am not aware that anyone would spill anything on the keyboard or anything like that.

Non-responsive keys start working after pressing them strongly, but still miss clicks or double-click every now and then. Turning the keyboard upside down and pressing repeatedly helps only slightly. Overall it gets better towards the end of the day, but it gets the same next day of after weekend. Either way, having re-type words is getting annoying.

Has anyone experienced such a sudden surge in bad key behavior? Is there something I can try (resoldering something, etc.)? I know that dust and dirt can get in the keys over time, but so many at once? Or should I prepare to get a new Model 100?

Replacing the switches by resoldering them should fix your problems. Matias switches are quite easy to get in bulk. $50 later and you’ll have enough switches for a lifetime. You could even get vintage Alps switches if you don’t like the Matias keyfeel.

Alternatively, you could try to get a Model 100 on ebay or on this forum, there are often great deals from people who bought it out of excitement but ended up not being able to get used to the layour. I got my Model 01 on ebay for around $150 USD

Thanks a lot, I will try replacing the switches. I don’t want to throw my keyboard away if I can help it. :slight_smile: