Model 01 one dead key and one key with key chatter

Hi my model 01 has keychatter on the right half on the key you press with the middle finger on the home row. So I once a week have to hold the keyboard upside down and press the key several times.

The other issue since today is that bksp/del key does not work anymore. I started the matrix key test with LED, left Fun and PROG. The key is the only one to not light up.

I did carry the keyboard twice to work with the case but otherwise it is just sitting on my desk since I bought it.

What are the best steps to do now?

I had the same problem and mailed the support. It sounded like a physical problem and I let solder a new key switch in. This worked for me very well.

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Thanks for your reply.

Looking for key switches in Europe I only found:

@hoschi do you have still some left over?

Right model, wrong package size :wink: Here are single ones: Matias Quiet Click Key Switch Module : KS101Q : The Keyboard Company

I bought two from them and all went great.