Model 01 'A' key acting weird

The A key on my model 01 sometimes does not register key presses and sometimes it registers more presses than what I’ve done (e.g. I could press it and it might insert two or three As). Last time this happened I cleaned it very mildly and it went away. I’m probably going to soon do a deeper clean.

Any advice on how to fix this or things to try? Maybe cleaning methods that might help? Thanks

Hi Gila,

Try using the suggestions found on here:

This has happened to me and cleaning did not fix it. I ended up buying a solder and learning to replace faulty keys myself. I’m a heavy typer working as a programmer and I’ve switched out 3 keys on my Model 01 so far.


Thanks for the reply! It seems I have some options and if they don’t work I can always solder in a new switch.