Double keypresses happening at random

Hello, I’ve had my Model 01 for a while now, but lately when I type some buttons register two key presses even though I’m only pressing the button once. At first it only happened occasionally to the R key but I dismissed it as me accidentally double pressing buttons. But lately it’s begun happening to other keys as well, to test this I’ve been sitting in Notepad, carefully typing out sentences and seeing some double letters appear.

The weird thing is that this is not always the case, some times the keyboard works just fine.

To troubleshoot this I’ve tried:
Changing to a different USB type C cable
Taking of the keykaps and cleaning my keyboard using compressed gas

You can see my firmware.ino here

Has any one else experienced this issue?

This has happened on occasion. Take a look at this thread for some potential remedies: What to do if your keyboard seems to duplicate keystrokes or a key stops working If those suggestions do not resolve the issue, reach out to and they can assist.

p.s. You should determine if it happens with the default firmware to help isolate if it’s a potential hardware issue, or custom firmware issue.