Multiple characters coming from one keypress

Regardless of the speed or force with which I type, one of my Model 01-Q’s has a habit of spitting out 2-4 "g"s when I press the key once. This happens almost ~80% of the time no matter how often I press the key. Sometimes the extra “g’s” will even pop up after other characters I type and after my finger is off the key entirely, so I’ll get things like “Thingsg are ggoging well”, instead of my intended “Things are going well”.

Has anyone else using a Model 01-Q experienced this? What did you do to resolve it? I find it extremely annoying to have to go back to fix mistakes I’m not actually making so any suggestions are welcome. I honestly should have left the extra characters in this just to illustrate my point, as I think every single time I’ve typed “g” for this post I’ve had to go back and delete the extras.

For anyone from Keyboardio, is this something that can be fixed from a hardware perspective? I highly doubt it is a software issue, since my other 01-Q doesn’t have this problem and I haven’t fiddled with the firmware on either.

This is what we call key chatter, and in most cases, it can be fixed with reasonable ease. See the following announcement for details, and steps towards a resolution:

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Perfect, thank you very much. Wasn’t sure what to look for when diagnosing the problem.