Can I swap keyswitches on Model 01?


after 4 years using my Model 01 day by day, the “O” Key doesn’t respond anymore or prints an unstopping string of o’s (oooooooo).

Does anybody knows a way to fix that issue?

I am wondering if I can swap the switch with a less regularly used one (e.g. the num Key). I’ve already opened the keyboard but it doesn’t look that easy to do.

Thanks for any help in advance. I really would love using my fabulous Model 01 longer.


I am not sure if there is any way of opening the switch without having to de-solder it (my switch opener assumes that the switch is accessible from all sides), but I would consider cleaning the switch or even replacing it with a new one.

I would suggest replacing the offending one with a new switch of the same type. I would not consider swapping switches because you could end up with the same problem on a different key, and you would have the trouble of doing the de-solder twice, then having to solder the switches again.

You should be able to buy Matias quiet click switches (or the clicker ones if that is your current switch) to replace the faulty switch.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of doing it yourself, try contacting keyboardio ( and see if they can replace the switch for you. You may be able to find some computer repair shop that can do that locally as well. It should be a simple fix.

I did replace the interior of the keys of one of my Model01 from clicky to silent. This worked (there is a good description somewhere here in the forum). But be aware that it might not fix your problem and it is a dangerous operation.

I had to replace a few switches on my own m01 in the past few years, it isn’t particularly hard even for someone like me who isn’t great with the soldering iron. All de/soldering can be done on the underside of the PCB. I suggest you shoot an email to help@ to get specific advice.

Mine is a quiet tactile one so I ordered a few of these as replacements: Matias Quiet Click Key Switch Module : KS101Q : The Keyboard Company

Thanks for your great and quick help :slight_smile: I will order some switches and replace the faulty one.

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