Model 01 Switches

I am relatively new to mechanical keyboards in general. If I were to acquire a model 01 keyboard, can the switches be easily swapped out or taken out to be lubricated?

I am particularly interested in using zeal switches, but not sure if it is compatible with the model 01 sockets.

Looking at what keyswitches people replace with Zealios, they appear to be Cherry MX style keyswitches. That would make them an interesting option for swapping into the upcoming Model 100 that will use Cherry MX style keyswitches. The current Model 01 uses Matias keyswitches that have a totally different pin out.

For the Model 1 the switches are soldered in and your are limited to Matias / Alps style Switches on the PCB, so any ALPS-mount switch will work on the Model 1. The good news is that the Matias switches are pretty easy to modify and lubricate without having the to remove entire switch, eg they can be modified In place without having to unsolder anything How to Open Matias / Alps style switches . I would search around on here and on the internet for Matias Modifications too see how close you can get to a Zeal in feel. So yes there are a few options possible if your willing to work with the existing switches.