Are Model 01 and Model 100 wood enclosures swappable?

Hi all,

I have a Model 01 (backer #72!) and prefer its wood color to that of the Model 100, but I definitely want to upgrade the mechanicals. Searched for info but found nothing, so I’m asking the community:

  1. Is the Model 01 wood enclosure compatible with the Model 100 baseplate, by default?
  2. If not, might I be able to gently sculpt away some wood to make it compatible?


I imagine @jesse or another company rep would be the only ones currently equipped to answer, or am I wrong? Do people have their initial production Model 100s at this time?

According to the Model100’s Kickstarter FAQ:

Does a Model 100 enclosure fit on a Model 01? Can I use a Model 01 maple enclosure on a Model 100?

The enclosures are similar, but not entirely compatible. Because the heights of the keyswitches in the two keyboards are different, the circuit board and some of the connectors will be at slightly different positions and you might end up damaging the electronics.

So no, they’re not compatible. Adjusting a Model01 frame to the Model100 is likely a more complicated task too, because of the different positions and heights on the inside.

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Great find, thank you! I was operating off the Indiegogo page that’s linked from the homepage. Lots of info in the Kickstarter FAQ.

I ordered Walnut for my model 100, but they are also available in the same maple as the model 01.


They’re really close, but not exactly the right height inside. I have used a Model 01 enclosure on a Model 100, but we can’t sell 'em like that and I don’t know if you’re going to run into issues down the line.