Are the Model 01 Octofeet Compatible with the Model 100?

Title is the question.

I have an old Model 01, and it’s going to break soon. I’m going to get a Model 100.

I’d like to know if the octofeet for my old Model 01 are compatible with the Model 100. If not, I will have to buy them too.

I would assume yes given both use standard camera-mounting screws. Some of the people here use the keyboard with camera mounts.


I have both models, and I can confirm that the octofeet are all but identical. The thing that has been improved is that the new feet have an indication on the bottom for you to align left and right feet to get the most tenting. This is probably more relevant if you use the center bar so the “teeth” of the feet mash together.

I had to modify my octofeet to include magnets so the keyboardio would be kept in place (table inclines, gravity is not always perpendicular to the surface). I am currently using the original octofeet from my model 01 with the model 100, since I did not feel the urge to disassemble the new octofeet and insert the magnets there.

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