Small temporary workstation with Atreus

I’ve been displaced from my house for a few months, and the Atreus has been super handy for giving me a nice work station in a small place. I have a very cheap laptop stand (, and I was thinking about buying a stand to hold my iPad above the laptop screen. But then I realized that I don’t need the laptop’s keyboard or trackpad, and the iPad is the same size as the bottom half of my laptop.

Here’s my setup, on a 2020 13" M1 MacBook, a 4th gen iPad pro in sidecar-mode, a magic trackpad, and my Atreus, on a utility table in my temporary apartment.


That is actually brilliant! Probably the best use of sidecar i’ve seen. I tried getting sidecar setup once, was a bit too fiddly for me at the time, but i should give it another go with this idea in mind :slight_smile:

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I hope nothing serious so you can get back asap. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Nothing too serious, but slow. A fire near our house gave us some smoke damage, and it’s taking a long time to get it repaired. Hopefully we’ll be back soon!

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Ah, it’s great that nobody’s been really hurt. :smile:
In the meantime, great solution for a compact workstation. :+1:t4:


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I loved this, so I tried it out with my Roost stand, my 14" MacBook Pro, and my 11" iPad Pro. The only hitch is that my iPad isn’t as tall as yours, and the camera bump rests on the keyboard and presses keys. So I placed a balsa wood paint stirrer lengthwise below the bump, straddling the keyboard. It weighs nothing and fits perfectly in the Roost bag!