Atreus wireless

Would there ever be a Keyboardio Atreus wireless or even RGB? The small form factor would go well with my iPad especially with the micros I could add.


I don’t care about RBG, but I’d buy a wireless model in a heartbeat. I use my Atreus on my phone every day, so it would be awfully handy.


Yes, take my money! and give me bluetooth support on my Atreus :star_struck:


I think with its size, it would be a perfect companion to my phone or tablet. Hope for a wireless version.


Wondering what phone you use your Atreus with, and what adapter you use for it. Have been thinking about getting an adapter for my iPhone 11, as a super-portable solution for taking notes in church, etc.

I just use a cheap Lightning->USB-C adapter on my iPhone XS.


Thanks for the quick reply! Does it drain your phone’s battery very quickly? I saw one article that indicated even an iPad needed additional power when using a typical mechanical keyboard with it.

Phil Jerkins

I haven’t noticed any issues, but I use it less than an hour a day.

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My Atreus has not arrived yet, but I am planning to try out this device: Bluetooth Adapter for Keyboard & Mouse « Handheld Scientific, Inc. mentioned in Make your favorite keyboard a Bluetooth keyboard -

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