Atreus wireless

Would there ever be a Keyboardio Atreus wireless or even RGB? The small form factor would go well with my iPad especially with the micros I could add.


I don’t care about RBG, but I’d buy a wireless model in a heartbeat. I use my Atreus on my phone every day, so it would be awfully handy.


Yes, take my money! and give me bluetooth support on my Atreus :star_struck:


I think with its size, it would be a perfect companion to my phone or tablet. Hope for a wireless version.


Wondering what phone you use your Atreus with, and what adapter you use for it. Have been thinking about getting an adapter for my iPhone 11, as a super-portable solution for taking notes in church, etc.

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I just use a cheap Lightning->USB-C adapter on my iPhone XS.


Thanks for the quick reply! Does it drain your phone’s battery very quickly? I saw one article that indicated even an iPad needed additional power when using a typical mechanical keyboard with it.

Phil Jerkins

I haven’t noticed any issues, but I use it less than an hour a day.

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My Atreus has not arrived yet, but I am planning to try out this device: Bluetooth Adapter for Keyboard & Mouse « Handheld Scientific, Inc. mentioned in Make your favorite keyboard a Bluetooth keyboard -

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Haven’t tried the handheld scientific yet; reports of problems with layers discouraged me. I would happily pay money for bluetooth that works. My 1993 Kinesis model 110 does not really use layers - gonna try that.


Still have not gotten around to trying the handheld scientific,but this: problems with layers gave me pause. . . .

Bluetooth is the thing most likely to get me back to my kinesis freestyle. Though it occurs to me it may be time to try the handheld scientific with the 1993 Kinesis model 110 that got me started with this keyboard addiction.

I am with @tiltowaitt -, please take our money and give us some kind of bluetooth solution.

I totally get this need… dang, if i need a battery pack and adapter anyway, I might as well just have the usb-c to usb-c cord. that setup seems more like it involves more wires that the standard wired setup.

Yep, more a case of if some third party solution exists can we ‘add it on’ the way some folks have modded Atreus or Kinesis ergo with trackpointers and Bluetooth. The Atreus, in theory, has an arduino in it- perhaps that is a cleaner path? Like you, honestly I just used Karabiner to turn off laptop keyboard when Atreus is plugged in and use usb c ….

I would buy a wireless version too. that would be a nice upgrade

Worth noting, my freestyle still sits in a drawer; daily driver(s) are a kinesis ergo (various vintages), keyboardio atreus, and a new model 100 which just arrived and is remapping my brain. All connect via usb c…