Handheld Scientific Bluetooth Adapter issue

I got the Handheld Scientific BT500 Bluetooth adapter and can’t figure out how to get it to work with my Keyboardio Atreus or Model 100. It also isn’t working with an Epomaker numpad I have. It isn’t defective since with works with other keyboards (I’ve tried a generic Logitech wireless and Periloot Caravel).

When either Keyboardio is plugged in, no keypresses register (green light isn’t coming on). Keyboards are stock used with the Chrysalis software.

Any help would be appreciated! @handheldsci

Update: Handheld Scientific got back to me and we’re going to try another unit to see if that resolves the issue!

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I’ve just encountered this problem myself. Did the new unit fix it?

yup! the new unit did fix it :grinning: