Is my Atreus bricked?

Gday all, would appreciate some help in getting my Keyboardio Atreus back to factory settings.

I bought it second hand in great condition but with no manual. It seems the previous owner has done some wild remapping and done something strange with the firmware.

Keyboard plugs in and is recognized as Atreus by Windows, but Chrysalis just says “no keyboards found” and that’s the end of it. It’s also recognized by QMK Toolbox, although it won’t let me flash because I can’t get it into the bootloader (?). I’ve read that the way to do that involves plugging it in while holding the Esc key… only problem, the previous owner has (incomprehensibly) remapped the Esc key out of existence.

The recessed button on the back also appears to do nothing other than temporarily disconnect the keyboard.

Can anyone help me?

It seems I wasn’t holding the bottom-left key long enough for Chrysalis to scan and recognize it. Got a message saying the firmware was messed up and was able to restore it, so it’s all working now.

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Yep : for future reference, the said [Esc] key is the bottom-left key-switch, whatever symbol is mapped on it, and wherever the [Esc] key have been remmaped…

Glad to see you find a way to retore a known firmware, and enter this strange feeling that every thing is possible !

Happy hacking :toolbox: :hammer_and_wrench: