Atreus not working with iOS iPhone

Hello all,
My Atreus works great on any Mac, but will not work on any iPhone.
No help FAQs to be found on this topic.
Any suggestions appreciated!

Welcome, Rushwarp! Are you trying to connect to your iPhone via lightning/USB?

Hi, thanks for your response!
Yes, with a USB-C to lightning cable on the iPhone.
Dead as a doornail!

Same here. Did anyone have any luck with that?

On Kickstarter @jesse said he had it working on his iPhone XS. Sounds like he specifically used a usb-c to lightning cable though, I tried a lightning to usb-a with a usb-c converter cable, and it did not work.

Edit: just realized @Rushwarp was using the specified cable. Maybe it broke since Jesse last tested it?

I was advised by the helpline to use a USB to lightning cable like this:

…Because of the way the status of the lightning port is used.
I have to order one to do this, but I am watiing becuase I dont want to throw money away for it until I am sure it will solve the problem!

Hi folks. Sorry for the slow reply on my side. I’ve been a little…underwater.

There are two possible reasons I’m aware of that an Atreus might not appear to work on an iOS device with a lightning port.

  1. If you’ve flashed with the latest version of Chrysalis, your device may complain that the Atreus is asking for too much power. There was a build error in the firmware bundled with Chrysalis. That’ll be fixed in the next release, or you can grab the .hex for the mass-production firmware here:

  2. You are not using the right kind of adaptor. “Regular” lightning cables, no matter whether they’re Lightning to USB A or Lightning to USB C always treat the iOS device as the peripheral rather than the computer. In this regard, the Atreus is just like any other USB keyboard.

Here’s a little bit of third-party documentation about how this works: