Atreus firmware

I would like to hear from anyone who has successfully installed Kaleidoscope on an Atreus keyboard with an A* controller.

The .kaleidoscope-builder.conf file uses teensy-loader-cli, which I am not sure is appropriate.


Me too! I’ve tried a few different times, and end up with a keyboard that is visible as an hid device, but sends no output.

Well, I actually have not been game enough to try it, as I was fairly certain it would not work, and could bork my keyboard.

The other thing I noticed is that the script for detecting a keyboard to upload the firmware (on a Mac) currently only works for the Model01.

I am working on fixing these, but dont really have much time to look into it.

@WildlyManifest - We’ve actually done a bunch of work on that lately. I’d love to know if current git master works for you.

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