New port: Atreus

Plugin name: Kaleidoscope-Hardware-Technomancy-Atreus
Author: @algernon
Source URL:


This isn’t a plugin per-se, rather a port of Kaleidoscope to the Atreus (the original by Phil Hagelberg). It supports the post-2016 PCBs with the A* MCU, and the hand-wired version built by FalbaTech with a teensy. It does not support pre-2016 PCBs yet, and support for Technomancy’s legacy Teensy variant is not even on the roadmap.


I believe the port is fairly complete. There’s some work we want to do around the matrix scan and debouncing, but most of that is optimization (it’s already pretty fast, mind you). Every existing Kaleidoscope plugin should work (save the LED ones, obviously), but I did not do extensive tests.

This is the first official port to non-split hardware.

How to use:

See the plugin repo for a complete example about usage. The example sketch there has the same layout as the default layout of the Atreus. Copying the .kaleidoscope-builder.conf from that repo is a good starting point. Other than that, there’s my Atreus sketch, with - as usual from me - a very different layout than the original.

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