Chrysalis 0.8.0/1 fail to flash Atreus on Mac

Just got my first Atreus and I’m trying to flash the firmware using Chrysalis 0.8.0 and also tried 0.8.1-snapshot. In both cases, the process fails before the step 3 “Waiting for Bootloader” step. I checked the troubleshooting, and I did find my user missing from the group owning the device but used dscl to add myself. My Mac is running Catalina 10.15.7.

Some other possible clues (?): when I connect & scan, Chrysalis shows all the keys as blank, and says all layers are transparent. I also get the banner “no longer supports… hardcoded and EEPROM”. I had forged ahead and attempted to swap my Super and Ctrl keys, and it didn’t work… This before the firmware update attempts – it does occur to me that some or all of these might be app/firmware mismatch.

Let me know if additional details or logs (?) would help.

I got things working by using an earlier version

Have you tried the last 0.8.3-snapshot ?