Chrysalis 0.11.8 firmware flashing is unreliable

Chrysalis 0.11.6 firmware flashing worked correctly for me. I had to press the Prog key when hitting “Continue” and had to release it as soon as the keys started flashing green.

Now with Chrysalis 0.11.8 I need several retries to be able to flash the firmware. Holding Prog while hitting “Continue” doesn’t have an immediate result. It takes a long time until the Prog keys lights up in red. Shortly after that Chrysalis disconnects from the keyboard with the error message “Error flashing the Firmware”. When logging in again it tells me that the firmware must be flashed. So I select it again and start the flashing process again. If enough time elapsed between these two steps the keys start flashing green immediately after hitting “Continue”. If not, the process will fail again and the keyboard is disconnected again. Sometimes I have to do that several times until the flashing succeeds.

I am flashing a custom firmware and always reset to factory defaults, if that matters.

The flashing process with Chrysalis 0.11.6 was way more reliable and straight forward.

It would help to know which device you’re having trouble with.

Haven’t tried the latest, but this seemed to happen more for me if the Arduino IDE was open, particularly the Monitor window.

Oh, you are right. I have a Model 100.

I do have the Arduino IDE open, but inside a virtual machine. It is not connected to the keyboard (as I am not able to get the seriel port into the VM). That’s the reason why I am using Chrysalis for the flashing of the firmware I generate with the Arduino IDE.

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I can reproduce the problem. Don’t have a fix yet, but I discovered a workaround: during the flashing process, don’t press and hold the Prog key at the start. Push it a few seconds after Chrysalis enters the “Entering programmable mode” stage.

It looks like things will go sideways unless the first reboot to bootloader mode fails, so the workaround is to wait until the keyboard reboots once, and then press Prog.

I’ll try to get a fix out for this quick.